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Stratus Lighting MH1000/U/BT37 MH1000U-BT37 1156704

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Stratus™ High Efficiency Metal Halide Lamp, 1000 watt, 263 volt, BT37, Mogul (E39) Base, 65 CRI

  • MPN : MH1000U-BT37

  • VLPN : 1156704

  • Brand Name : Stratus Lighting

  • Availability:
  • Min. Ord. Qty : 1 | Qty. Interval : 1
  • Pack Desc : 6/Case
Stratus™ High Efficiency Metal Halide Lamp, MH1000/U/BT37 Designation, 1000 watt, 263 volt, BT37 Bulb, Mogul (E39) Base, Bulged Tubular Shape, 120000 lumens, 10000 hr Average Life, White, 65 CRI, 3700 K Color Temperature, Clear Lamp, Enclosed Fixture, 4.6 Inch Diameter, 11.5 Inch Length
Type               :  High Efficiency
Designation               :  MH1000/U/BT37
Wattage               :  1000 watt
Voltage Rating               :  263 volt
Bulb Type               :  BT37
Base               :  Mogul (E39)
Shape               :  Bulged Tubular
Lumens               :  120000 lumens
Average Life               :  10000 hr
Color               :  White
Color Rendering Index (cri)               :  65
Color Temperature               :  3700 K
Lamp Finish               :  Clear
Fixture Type               :  Enclosed
Diameter               :  4.6 Inch
Length               :  11.5 Inch

Metal Halide bulbs are a member of the High Intensity Discharge (HID) family of lighting products. Metal Halide bulbs are among the most energy efficient sources of white light available today. These 1000 watt metal halide bulbs feature special chemical compounds known as "Halides" that produce light in most regions of the spectrum. Philips Metal Halide light bulbs offer high efficacy, excellent color rendition, long service life and good lumen maintenance. Because of their numerous advantages, metal halide HID bulbs are used extensively in outdoor applications and in commercial interiors.

  • Color characteristics may vary somewhat from one lamp type to another. Time should be allowed for the lamp to stabilize in color when it is turned on for the first time or if for any reason its operating position is changed. This may require several hours' operation, with more than one start. Lamp color and output may change temporarily if the lamp is subjected to excess vibration or shock. Lamp color characteristics may change after long accumulate operating time
  • Rated average life is the life obtained, on the average, from large representative groups of lamps in laboratory tests under controlled conditions at 10 or more operating hours per start. It is based on survival of at least 50% of the lamps and allows for individual lamps or groups of lamps to vary considerably from the average. For lamps with a rated average life of 24,000 hours, life is based on survival of 67% of the lamps
  • Rated average life hours for universal lamps is based on vertical operating position. Operating these lamps in other position will reduce the life by approximately 25% of the rated average life hours
  • Approximate lumen values listed are for vertical operation of the lamp
  • Means Lumens is the approximate lumen output at 40% of lamp rated average life
  • Heat resisting glass bulb

Application: Industrial and Retail High/Low Bays and Parking Lots

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